Gudushauri Giorgi

  Was born in Tbilisi, January 14, 1961.
  Graduated Georgian Agricultural Institute, faculty of mechanization.
  Spiritually he grown up in church - he was a surplice and chorister in the Sioni Temple. He studied carve on the stone and wood in the Bethania Monastery.
  Since 1991 he has been interested in oldest traditional cloisonne enamel art. The faith benefaction helps him to make icons and church things. When he makes some thing, tries to understand its destination. Settle accounts with faith and never do anything against the religion. Such way there has created doesin works which exhibition doesn't attracts the author himself, despite the samples were exhibited in Russia, Germany, Greece and The USA. Georgian patriarchate and several church walls decorated by his works. Necklaces made of him decorates many private collections and is known as sophisticated and refined taste.
  Georgian cloisonne enamel in the person of Giorgi Gudushauri has deserved of praise successor. Giorgi has three kids - John, Luke and Nino.