Cross of Saint Trinity cathedral main dome

High: 7 m. Width: 3, 5 m.
Material : stainless steel, copper, bronze, silver, gold.
Method of processing: covering the copper plates by silver and gold using galvanic rule.
Structure: fragmentary.
  "The cross is crown, which Georgian people erected on the temple" - these words belong to Georgian Catholicon-patriarchy Elias the II, when people in December 6 2003, under construction temple took the cross up manually.
  By it specific such volume and destination work had never done before.
  During the work on the Cross Giorgi Gudushauri established galvanic guild in the patriarchy workshop, acquainted with foreign technologies and decided to gild the cross as the Kremlin stars are made.
  Gilded technology performed by three hundred years guarantee. The Cross shirt is made of copper fragment details. Each detail covers by 60 microns of silver and 4 microns of gold and gilded screws fastened on the stainless framework. Fragment order of the Cross in case of need has a chance of renewing.